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おもちゃミュージアム in KYOTO​ 

2019年3月23日(土)− 4月7日(日)



3.30 [土] 14:30-



※材料費別途 500円




4.7 [日] 13:00-









詳しくは おもちゃ映画ミュージアム公式サイト をご覧ください。

「クレイアニメ」や「パペットアニメ」として世界に広く親しまれている「ストップモーションアニメーション(Stop Motion Animation)」は、被写体を少しずつ動かしては1フレームずつ撮影したイメージを再生させて「動き」を創出するアニメーション表現の一種です。日本では「駒撮り(こまどり)」の通称で知られますが、世界でスタンダードとされる「Stop Motion Animation」という視点からこの表現を捉え直し、「生命を吹き込む」といわれる背景に、映画史以前から人類が感じてきた「アニミズム(Animism)ー汎霊説ー」への憧憬に迫るアクションとして、「STOP MOTION ANIMISM ストップモーション アニミズム」を宣言します。


 その第一歩として、2008 年スタートした国立教育機関、東京藝術大学大学院映像研究科アニメーション専攻の「立体領域」が輩出した修了生の学生時代の作品と、その現在の才能にスポットを当てます。


About the « STOPMOTION ANIMISM » Exhibition project

We are pleased to announce the planning of the « STOPMOTION ANIMISM » Exhibition project.

Planned by animation director ITÔ Yûichi, who also teaches animation, this project is in a research perspective, and conceived as his lifework.


« Stop Motion Animation », better known around the world through techniques such as « Clay animation » or « Puppet animation », is one domain of the animation field, where movement is re-created by shooting frame after frame images of the subject elements, slightly moved between each image shot. In Japan, this domain is better known under the name of « Frame by frame [komadori] cinema », but by reconsidering this field through the « Stop Motion Animation » calling and its point of view, as a worldwide standard, we decide to promote « STOP MOTION ANIMISM » as a creative behavior aiming to « breathe life into inanimate objects », with the background of human fascination toward animism, from long before the history of cinema.


As a first step, we would like to feature the talent of graduate students from the « Stop Motion Animation » course at the Animation Department, Graduate School of Film and New Media of Tokyo University of the Arts, which was created back in 2008, by showing their past and new works.

We wish the audience will feel the deep metamorphose this domain has went through, from a time where production environment and analog techniques systematically leaded to emphasize the rarity of works, to a context where anyone can take on the challenge of working in the field, and thus discover the present state, as well as the incoming future of « Stop Motion Animation ».


This exhibition project aims to focus on the unnoticed development of « Stop Motion Animation », as a neglected aspect in the general appreciation of Japan as a « Great country of animation » on the international scene, and to feature the present state of this art.


We look very much forward to your attendance and feedback, hoping this project will meet your expectations.


ITÔ Yûichi

ストップモーションアニミズム展@FEI ART MUSEUM


Yuichi Ito
​Toshikazu Ishii
​Moe Kurihara
Kazushige Toma
​Shizuka Miyazaki
​Iku Ogawa
Hiroki Kono
Ataru Sakagami
Keiko Shiraishi
Toshiko Hata
​Masataka Hiroyasu
Mari Miyazawa
​Mochiyo Mochiyamada
Aki Kono
​Kohei Takeda
Mandy Lam
Manami Wakai

​(仲本有里/Yuri Nakamoto)

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